Projects done from 2015 onwards.

Neuroscience - Maastricht, 2019: Cross-Modal CNNs

Project about reusing pretrained convolutional neural networks to apply them on modalities they have not been trained on. The project is to solve an scene recongition task across domains namely natural images, clip art and drawings. Additionaly the paper describes biological motivation for computer vision in general and convolutional neural networks especially.

Neuroscience - Maastricht, 2018: Flow & Memory

Investiagting the possible relationship between ‘being in the flow’ and memory recosolidation. The positive psychology concept flow is defined as the rewarding experience of being fully immersed in a task. Using an modified Orientation Discrimination Task (ODT) to induce flow. It was hypothesized (1) that flow and heart rate variability (HRV) are negatively associated and (2) that flow and memory recognition rates in the modified ODT are positively associated.

Neuroscience - Maastricht, 2018: Machine Consciousness

Review paper about the state of the art in achieving machine consciousness by using cognitive frameworks. Assessing the gloabal workspace hypthesis, Tononis integrated information theory and importance of an internal selfmodel. Assessing among others the Intelligent Distributed Agent naval Dispatching System (IDA), SIMNOS, a software based virtual robot and CRONOS a robot based on the human musculoskeletal system.

Economics - Frankfurt, 2016: Determinants of Cooperation

Assessing determinants of cooperation and behavior of during a public good game in general and for children especially. Taking into consideration factors such as punishment, anonymity, communitation within the game, number of players and repetition of the game. An approach is given how ingroup behavior, norms, rituals, laws and context might influence individuals decision making. Additionaly, some parameters were presented that make the game better suited for children. The paper is only available in german.

Economics - Frankfurt, 2015: Finance and Inequality

Quantiative analysis of how finance affects distribution and equality of opportunity.

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